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Danny Ocean "the new king of Reggaeton"

Danny Ocean has released his new singles "Dembow" and "Vuelve", which according to Noisey News will "show us the future of pop music" and is climbing the charts leaping into Spotify's Global Top 200 as #59.

Spotify top 200

Acércarte que quiero decirte algo, baby

Audio mastering of 300M views inYouTube

After his master hit "Me Rehuso" that paved his way and sky rocketed him to top charts, "the show must go on," as the old performance parlance goes, so we invite you to check out not only his two new singles but also his new music video; this time around not only portraying amazing artistry and illustrations but also featuring the artist himself—Danny Ocean! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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